Ilir Meta
Government type
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1 Nov


28,748 km2

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1 Nov


Lek "All"

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Official Language


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Phone code number


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Internet TLD


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Average monthly salary

450 $

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Total millionaires

3,580 persons

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1 Nov

Total billionaires

6 persons

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Passport rank


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Visa free

133 country

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1 Nov

Religions in Albania

Islam 58.79%, Christianity 16.99%, No Denomination 5.49%, Unclear 18.29%

Info about Albania (History)

The Republic of Albania (Albanian: Republika e Shqipërisë) is a state in South-Eastern Europe. It is located on the shores of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas in the Mediterranean Sea and has land borders with Montenegro in the northwest, Kosovo in the northeast, North Macedonia in the east, Greece in the south; and maritime borders with Greece, Montenegro, and Italy in the west. Tirana is its capital and largest city, followed by Durres, Vlora, and Shkoder.

Geographically, Albania displays various climatic, geological, hydrological, and morphological conditions, defined over an area of ​​28,748 km2 (11,100 sq mi). It has a significant landscape diversity, ranging from the snow-capped mountains in the Albanian Alps, as well as the Korab, Skanderbeg, Pindus, and Keraunian mountains to the hot and sunny coasts of the Albanian Adriatic and the Ionian Sea along the Mediterranean Sea.

Historically, Albania has been inhabited by different civilizations such as Illyrians, Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans. The Albanians founded the autonomous principality of Arber in the 12th century. The Kingdom of Albania and the Principality of Albania were formed between the 13th and 14th centuries. Before the Ottoman conquest of Albania in the 15th century, the resistance of the Albanians to the Ottoman expansion into Europe led by Gierj Kastrioti Skanderbeg brought them recognition in most of Europe. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the cultural development that many attributes to the Albanians, who mustered both spiritual and intellectual strength, finally led to the Albanian Renaissance. After the defeat of the Ottomans in the Balkan Wars, the modern nation-state of Albania declared independence in 1912. In the 20th century, the Kingdom of Albania was invaded by Italy, which formed Greater Albania before becoming a protectorate of Nazi Germany. Enver Hoxha formed the People's Socialist Republic of Albania after World War II along the lines of Hoxhaism. The 1991 revolutions ended the fall of communism in Albania and, ultimately, the creation of the present Republic of Albania.

Politically, Albania is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic and an upper-middle-income developing country dominated by the service sector, followed by manufacturing. After the end of communism in 1990, it went through a process of transition from central planning to a market economy. Albania provides its citizens with universal health care and free primary and secondary education. Albania is a member of the United Nations, World Bank, UNESCO, NATO, WTO, CE, OSCE, and OIC. This is the official candidate for membership in the European Union. He is one of the founding members of the Energy Community, including the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the Mediterranean Union.

Important information about Albania

1- What is the population of Albania?

answer: The total population of Albania is 2,879,797 in 2021.

2- Who is the president of Albania?

answer: Ilir Meta is the current president of Albania.

3- What is the area of Albania?

answer: The total area of Albania is 28,748 km2 .

4- What is the official language of Albania?

answer: The official language of Albania is Albanian .

5- What is the currency of Albania?

answer: The currency of Albania is Lek "All" .

6- How much is the average salary in Albania?

answer: The average salary in Albania is 450$ in 2021.

7- What is the passport rank of Albania?

answer: The passport rank of Albania is 56 in 2021.

8- How many countries we can travel with passport of Albania without visa?

answer: You can travel to 133 countries with passport of Albania .

9- What is the phone number code of Albania?

answer: The phone number code of Albania is +355 .

10- What is internet TLD of Albania?

answer: The internet TLD of Albania is .al

11- How many billionaires are in Albania?

answer: The total number of billionaires in Albania is " 6 person" in 2021.

12- How many millionaires are in Albania?

answer: The total number of millionaires in Albania is " 3,580 person" in 2021.

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