Total Millionaires

2756 person
Last updated: 1 Nov
Net worth of all millionaires

18 trillion dollar

Last updated: 1 Nov

Who is billionaire?

A billionaire is someone with a billion dollar net wealth - $ 1,000,000,000 or a number followed by nine zeros. This is a thousand times more than a millionaire ($ 1,000,000). Billionaires in other countries are defined by monetary units in other currencies such as euros, pounds and others. Thus, someone who is a billionaire in the euro area is defined with a net worth of 1 billion euros or more, while someone in the United Kingdom has 1 billion pounds or more. Subtracting liabilities from assets results in a person's net worth. Billionaire assets typically include things like cash and liquid investments, personal property like real estate, jewelry, cars and other vehicles, and furniture. Business interests such as equipment and commercial real estate are also included if the individual has a personal interest in the corporation. Billionaires make up a small and very elite club of influential people - both men and women - in the world. These people control huge amounts of money, as well as the power and influence that are associated with them.

Countries with most number of billioners