Panama City
Laurentino Cortizo
Government type
Driving side



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1 Nov


75,417 km2

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1 Nov


Balboa (PAB) and United States dollar (USD)

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Official Language


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Phone code number


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Internet TLD


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Average monthly salary

1,600 $

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1 Nov

Total millionaires

3,980 persons

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1 Nov

Total billionaires

0 persons

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Military power


Passport rank


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Visa free

141 country

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Religions in Panama

91.5% Christianity
 *63.2% Roman Catholic
 *25.0% Protestant
 *3.3% Other Christian
7.6% No religion
0.9% Other

Info about Panama (History)

Panama is a transcontinental country in Central and South America, bordering Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The largest city in the capital is Panama City, which is home to almost half of the country's 4 million population.

Prior to the arrival of Spanish settlers in the 16th century, Panama was inhabited by indigenous peoples. It separated from Spain in 1821 and joined the Republic of Gran Colombia, a coalition of Nueva Granada, Ecuador and Venezuela. After the dissolution of Greater Colombia in 1831, Panama and Nueva Granada eventually became the Republic of Colombia. With US support, Panama left Colombia in 1903, allowing the US Army Corps of Engineers to complete the construction of the Panama Canal between 1904 and 1914. The 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaty moved the canal from the United States to Panama on December 31, 1999. The surrounding area was first returned in 1979.

Revenues from canal tolls continue to make up a significant portion of Panama's GDP, while commerce, banking and tourism are major and growing sectors. It is considered a high-income economy. In 2019, Panama was ranked 57th in the world in the Human Development Index. In 2018, Panama was ranked as the 7th most competitive economy in Latin America, according to the World Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum. The jungle of Panama occupies about 40% of its land area and is rich in tropical plants and animals. Some of them are not found anywhere on earth. Panama is a founding member of the United Nations and other international organizations such as OAS, LAIA, G77, WHO and NAM.

Important information about Panama

1- What is the population of Panama?

answer: The total population of Panama is 4,379,539 in 2021.

2- Who is the president of Panama?

answer: Laurentino Cortizo is the current president of Panama.

3- What is the area of Panama?

answer: The total area of Panama is 75,417 km2 .

4- What is the official language of Panama?

answer: The official language of Panama is Spanish .

5- What is the currency of Panama?

answer: The currency of Panama is Balboa (PAB) and United States dollar (USD) .

6- How much is the average salary in Panama?

answer: The average salary in Panama is 1600$ in 2021.

7- What is the passport rank of Panama?

answer: The passport rank of Panama is 37 in 2021.

8- How many countries we can travel with passport of Panama without visa?

answer: You can travel to 141 countries with passport of Panama .

9- What is the phone number code of Panama?

answer: The phone number code of Panama is +507 .

10- What is internet TLD of Panama?

answer: The internet TLD of Panama is .pa

11- How many billionaires are in Panama?

answer: The total number of billionaires in Panama is " 0 person" in 2021.

12- How many millionaires are in Panama?

answer: The total number of millionaires in Panama is " 3,980 person" in 2021.

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