George Weah
Government type
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1 Nov


111,369 km2

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Liberian dollar (LRD)

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Official Language


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Phone code number


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Internet TLD


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Average monthly salary

520 $

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Total millionaires

730 persons

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Total billionaires

0 persons

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Passport rank


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Visa free

49 country

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Religions in Liberia

86.2% Christianity
11.7% Islam
1.4% No religion
0.7% Other

Info about Liberia (History)

It faces Sierra Leone to the northwest of Liberia, Guinea to the north, Côte d'Ivoire to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and southwest. It has a population of about 5 million and an area of ​​111,369 square kilometers (43,000 square miles). English is the official language, but more than 20 indigenous languages ​​are spoken, reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country. The largest city in the country's capital is Monrovia.

Liberia began as a project of the American Colonization Society (ACS) in the early 19th century. In this project, we believed that blacks faced opportunities for freedom and prosperity in Africa rather than in the United States. Between 1822 and the outbreak of the Civil War, more than 15,000 liberated free-born blacks and 3,198 African-Caribbeans faced social and legal repression in the United States in Liberia. I moved. Gradually developing the identity of "Americo-Liberian", the settlers carried their culture and traditions with them. Liberia's constitution and flag are modeled after the United States, whose capital is named after ACS supporters and US President James Monroe. Liberia declared independence on July 26, 1847, but the United States did not approve it until February 5, 1862. Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a wealthy and free-born African-American from Virginia, USA, settled in Liberia on January 3, 1848. He was elected the first president of Liberia after the people declared independence.

Liberia was the first African Republic to declare its independence and the first and oldest modern republic in Africa. During the Scramble for Africa, only one of the few countries maintained sovereignty. During World War II, Liberia supported the US war effort against Germany and then received significant US investment in infrastructure, which helped the country's wealth and development. President William Tubman encouraged economic and political change to increase the country's prosperity and international recognition. Liberia was a founding member of the League of Nations, the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity.

The Americo-Liberian settlers had little to do with the indigenous people they met, especially those who lived in more isolated interiors. Colonial settlements were attacked by the Kru and Grebo from inland chiefdoms. Americo-Liberian urged religious groups to set up missions and schools to educate indigenous peoples. Americo-Liberian has become a small elite with disproportionate political power. Indigenous Africans were excluded from inheritance nationality on their land until 1904.

In 1980, political tensions under the rule of William R. Tourbat led to a military coup in which Tourbat was murdered, ending the rule of Americoli Belian in the country and beginning more than 20 years of political instability. The first and second Liberian Civil Wars followed a five-year military junta by the People's Redemption Council and a five-year civilian rule by the National Democratic Party of Liberia. As a result, 250,000 people (about 8% of the population) have died, more people have been evacuated, and Liberia's economy has shrunk by 90%. The 2003 Peace Agreement led to a democratic election in 2005, where Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected president and made history as the first female president on the continent. National infrastructure and basic social services have been severely affected by conflict and the 2013-2016 Ebola virus outbreak, with 83% of the population living below the international poverty line as of 2015. ..

Important information about Liberia

1- What is the population of Liberia?

answer: The total population of Liberia is 5,215,030 in 2021.

2- Who is the president of Liberia?

answer: George Weah is the current president of Liberia.

3- What is the area of Liberia?

answer: The total area of Liberia is 111,369 km2 .

4- What is the official language of Liberia?

answer: The official language of Liberia is English .

5- What is the currency of Liberia?

answer: The currency of Liberia is Liberian dollar (LRD) .

6- How much is the average salary in Liberia?

answer: The average salary in Liberia is 520$ in 2021.

7- What is the passport rank of Liberia?

answer: The passport rank of Liberia is 99 in 2021.

8- How many countries we can travel with passport of Liberia without visa?

answer: You can travel to 49 countries with passport of Liberia .

9- What is the phone number code of Liberia?

answer: The phone number code of Liberia is +231 .

10- What is internet TLD of Liberia?

answer: The internet TLD of Liberia is lr

11- How many billionaires are in Liberia?

answer: The total number of billionaires in Liberia is " 0 person" in 2021.

12- How many millionaires are in Liberia?

answer: The total number of millionaires in Liberia is " 730 person" in 2021.

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