Guatemala City
Alejandro Giammattei
Government type
Driving side



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1 Nov


108,889 km2

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Quetzal (GTQ)

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Official Language


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Phone code number


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Internet TLD


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Average monthly salary

560 $

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Total millionaires

295 persons

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Total billionaires

0 persons

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Military power


Passport rank


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Visa free

132 country

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Religions in Guatemala

88% Christianity
 *45% Roman Catholic
 *42% Protestant
 *1% Other Christian
11% No religion
1% Other

Info about Guatemala (History)

Guatemala is a country in Central America bordering Mexico to the north and west, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast, Honduras to the east, El Salvador to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. With a population of about 17.2 million, it is estimated to be the most populous country in Central America and the 11th most populous country in the Americas. Guatemala is a representative democracy.

The core of the Mayan civilization, which stretched throughout Mesoamerica, was historically based on the territory of present-day Guatemala. In the 16th century, most of this territory was conquered by the Spaniards and established as part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Guatemala gained independence in 1821 from Spain and Mexico. In 1823 Guatemala became part of the Federal Republic of Central America, which disintegrated by 1841.

From the mid to late 19th century, Guatemala suffered from chronic instability and civil unrest. Beginning in the early 20th century, it was ruled by a number of dictators with the support of the United Fruit Company and the United States government. In 1944, authoritarian leader Jorge Ubico was overthrown by a pro-democratic military coup, initiating a decade-long revolution that led to radical social and economic reforms. A military coup in 1954, supported by the United States, ended the revolution and established a dictatorship.

From 1960 to 1996, Guatemala experienced a bloody civil war between the US-backed government and leftist insurgents, including the genocidal massacre of the Mayan population by the military. Since the conclusion of a peace agreement negotiated with the United Nations, Guatemala has achieved both economic growth and successful democratic elections, although it continues to struggle with high levels of poverty and crime, drug cartels and instability. As of 2014, Guatemala ranks 31st out of 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean on the Human Development Index.

The abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems in Guatemala includes many endemic species and contributes to Mesoamerica's recognition as a hotspot for biodiversity.

Important information about Guatemala

1- What is the population of Guatemala?

answer: The total population of Guatemala is 17,663,239 in 2021.

2- Who is the president of Guatemala?

answer: Alejandro Giammattei is the current president of Guatemala.

3- What is the area of Guatemala?

answer: The total area of Guatemala is 108,889 km2 .

4- What is the official language of Guatemala?

answer: The official language of Guatemala is Spanish .

5- What is the currency of Guatemala?

answer: The currency of Guatemala is Quetzal (GTQ) .

6- How much is the average salary in Guatemala?

answer: The average salary in Guatemala is 560$ in 2021.

7- What is the passport rank of Guatemala?

answer: The passport rank of Guatemala is 42 in 2021.

8- How many countries we can travel with passport of Guatemala without visa?

answer: You can travel to 132 countries with passport of Guatemala .

9- What is the phone number code of Guatemala?

answer: The phone number code of Guatemala is +502 .

10- What is internet TLD of Guatemala?

answer: The internet TLD of Guatemala is .gt

11- How many billionaires are in Guatemala?

answer: The total number of billionaires in Guatemala is " 0 person" in 2021.

12- How many millionaires are in Guatemala?

answer: The total number of millionaires in Guatemala is " 295 person" in 2021.

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