Phnom Penh
Norodom Sihamoni
Government type
Driving side



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1 Nov


181,035 km2

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1 Nov


Riel (៛) (KHR)

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Official Language


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Phone code number


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Internet TLD


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Average monthly salary

180 $

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Total millionaires

35 persons

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1 Nov

Total billionaires

0 persons

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Military power


Passport rank


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Visa free

53 country

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1 Nov

Religions in Cambodia

97.1% Buddhism (official)
2.0% Islam
0.3% Christianity
0.5% Others

Info about Cambodia (History)

Cambodia is a country in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula on the continent of Southeast Asia. Cambodia covers an area of ​​181,035 square kilometers (69,898 sq mi) and borders Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, the Gulf of Thailand to southwest, and the sea border with Indonesia. Phnom Penh is the country's capital and largest city. The state of Cambodia has a population of more than 15 million people. Buddhism is enshrined in law as the state religion, and it is practiced by more than 97% of the population. The minority groups in Cambodia include the Vietnamese, Chinese, Cham and 30 mountain tribes. The capital and largest city is Phnom Penh, the political, economic and cultural center of Cambodia. The kingdom was a joint election with the emperor, now Norodom Sihamoni, elected by the Royal Throne Council as head of state. The head of government is the President, now Hun Sen, a non-royal leader in East Asia, ruled since 1985. The area now known as Cambodia has been in prehistoric times. In 802 AD, Jayavarman II proclaimed himself king, joining forces with the Khmer princes of Chenla under the name Cambuja. This marks the beginning of Cambodia, which has been prosperous for more than 600 years. The Indian Kingdom promoted the spread of early Hinduism and later Buddhism to most of East Asia and practiced many religious functions throughout the region. Angkor Wat is the most famous of these structures and is listed as a World Heritage Site. In the 15th century, Cambodia declined in strength, while its neighbors Vietnam and Thailand became stronger. In 1863 Cambodia became a protectorate of France, and was later annexed to French Indochina. The country occupied Japan's position from World War II until French rule was restored. Cambodia gained independence from France in 1953 and was led by Norodom Sihanouk, who became king. The Vietnam War spread to the country in 1965 with the extension of Ho Chi Minh Street and the establishment of Sihanouk Street. Although Cambodia was embroiled in a war of attrition, this led to the US bombing of Cambodia from 1969 to 1973. After the 1970 coup that established the post-American Khmer Republic, King Prince Sihanouk supported his former enemy, the Khmers. Rouge, led by Pol Pot. With the support of the emperor and northern Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge formed a major force by capturing Phnom Penh in 1975. The Khmer Rouge ruled the country and carried out massacres in Cambodia. from 1975 to 1979, when they were expelled from Cambodia. Vietnam War. The Vietnamese government in Kampuchea has become a Chinese government with attempts to rebuild the country after the massacre, resulting in a lack of international recognition and conflict. After the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement, which ended the war with Vietnam, Cambodia was briefly under the control of the United Nations mission (1992-1993). The UN withdrew after the election in which approximately 90 percent of the electorate voted. The 1997 coup d'état consolidated power under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Cambodian People's Party, which remained in power. Cambodia has been a member of the United Nations since 1955, ASEAN, RCEP, East Asia Summit, WTO, Non-Aligned Movement and Francophonie. According to many foreign organizations, the country is characterized by widespread poverty, high levels of corruption, lack of political independence, low human development and hunger. Human Rights Watch director David East Roberts described Cambodia as "an important business venture based on private freedom." According to the law, the country is more democratic, and since 2018 it has been de facto governed by one party.

Important information about Cambodia

1- What is the population of Cambodia?

answer: The total population of Cambodia is 15,952,211 in 2021.

2- Who is the president of Cambodia?

answer: Norodom Sihamoni is the current president of Cambodia.

3- What is the area of Cambodia?

answer: The total area of Cambodia is 181,035 km2 .

4- What is the official language of Cambodia?

answer: The official language of Cambodia is Khmer .

5- What is the currency of Cambodia?

answer: The currency of Cambodia is Riel (៛) (KHR) .

6- How much is the average salary in Cambodia?

answer: The average salary in Cambodia is 180$ in 2021.

7- What is the passport rank of Cambodia?

answer: The passport rank of Cambodia is 95 in 2021.

8- How many countries we can travel with passport of Cambodia without visa?

answer: You can travel to 53 countries with passport of Cambodia .

9- What is the phone number code of Cambodia?

answer: The phone number code of Cambodia is +855 .

10- What is internet TLD of Cambodia?

answer: The internet TLD of Cambodia is .kh

11- How many billionaires are in Cambodia?

answer: The total number of billionaires in Cambodia is " 0 person" in 2021.

12- How many millionaires are in Cambodia?

answer: The total number of millionaires in Cambodia is " 35 person" in 2021.

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